Volcanoes in General

Volcanoes are very interesting landforms of the earth. They appear mainly on the boundaries of tectonic plates. Volcanoes are mostly known for their eruptions. When they erupt they shoot out lava,rocks,ash and gases. Many volcanoes are dormant meaning that they havent erupted for thousands of years. In the lifespan of the world there have been millions of volcanoes that have been once active.

There are different kinds of volcanoes such as the shield volcano, stratovolcano, mud volcanoes and some others.Each volcano is called by the way it is shaped and the type of lava that comes from it. Volcanic ash when mixed with soil can make it very fertile making it more able to have plants.

Volcanoes are very vast and big making it a very big landmark in such places like Hawaii, Iceland and the Ring of Fire which is located around the Pacific Ocean. The word volcano comes from Italy, near Italy there is an island called Vulcano. The word volcano is derived from it. However it may also have derived from the Roman god of smithing and fire Vulcan.


Volcanic ash as it comes from a volcano