How do volcanoes kill

How do volcanoes kill?Volcanoes_Heading.png
Volcanoes can kill in various ways making the volcano a top killer in natural disasters. The most known way of course is the lava flow which can easily destroy your house and leave you dead. Another famous way is when the ash from a volcano can suffocate you. An example of this is when Mt. Vesuvius erupted destroying Pompeii and Herculaneum, this left the remains of the victims to be covered in ash and have the exact same position of when they died.

Another way people can become deceased is when they breathe in the deadly gases from volcanoes such as sulphur. This is very deadly and can make your lungs poisoned, burn and scar you. Gases such as carbon dioxide can also suffocate you the video link below shows how a whole village died because of suffocation.POmpeii_cast.jpg
Residents of Pompeii covered in ash

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